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Underground Service Location Experts on the Sunshine Coast.

Of course damage to underground assets can create dangerous and/or expensive problems. But what you may not know:

State of the art equipment, experience and vacuum excavation capability is quite often a very effective way to reduce these risks.

Solution Focus

Using 35 years experience we often start by identifying all utilities and assets in the vicinity of any work site prior to the commencement of the project. Assets include water, gas, telecommunications, sewer and underground power.

If required, we can also assist in the safe and cost effective vac truck excavation of these utilities.

how it works

Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) is normally the first step. DBYD acts as a point of contact for those who want to excavate and underground asset owners. When you use DBYD they raise an enquiry to the owners of assets, and these owner respond with plans of their assets in the work area selected.

Depending on the assets and location, there are a number of methods and we can employ. Most commonly the method we use to locate pipes depends a lot on the material they are made out of. If they are made from a material that conducts electricity often we are able to send a signal along the pipe. A receiver then picks up this signal to provide location information. Pipes in Queensland are often made from materials that are not conductive (like concrete and poly) and require that we put a traceable conductor into the pipe which then enables us to locate the pipe.

Depending on the type of cable, there are a number of methods and equipment we can employ. Most commonly we use the cable itself and send a signal along it. A receiver then picks up this signal to provide location information. Common cables include electrical, telephone lines and optical fibre.

Each project no matter how big or small has its own unique needs. To ensure the best results, a combination of training and experience is used along with vehicles fully equipped with (what we have found to be) the most useful location devices including ground penetrating radar (GPR).

we can make it easy

Abletech Underground Group locators are capable of interpreting plans and can accurately locate underground utilities, line of direction and depth.

Our location services combined with our vacuum excavation potholing capabilities ensure we are the most accurate underground service location company on the sunshine coast and surrounding areas.

Abletech underground Group is dial before you dig (DBYD) and Telstra accredited.

All work is carried out in accordance with AS5488-2013. Photo mapping can be provided at client’s request.

What We Can Locate

ground penetrating radar

All excavation/construction work has the potential to damage underground assets.

It is your duty of care to have an accredited locator identify all utilities and assets in the vicinity or any work site prior to the commencement of the project.

Abletech Underground Group uses state of the art equipment such as the ground penetrating radar (GPR) that confidently assists in the location of underground utilities and assets.

how it works

The ground penetrating radar has the ability to detect underground assets of all densities, metallic and non-metallic.

The GPR has revolutionised the industry as it is capable of coinciding shallow and deep penetration of up to 6 metres simultaneously.

Data collected from the Ground Penetrating radar (GPR) allows our locators to construct a view of the subsurface utilities.

fault location

Abletech Underground Group specialise in underground electronic testing and fault location diagnosis covering the Sunshine Coast, Chinchilla, and Roma area.

Fault location is to identify earth leakage or shorted faults between various phases of low voltage underground circuits.

Algorithms for fault location are essential tools in the operation of a power scheme because correct and reliable identification of faults is directly related with the supply availability.

Underground assets are constantly exposed to fault occurrences due to numerous reasons, such as lightning strike, failure of power system components due to the aging of equipment and human errors.

Our locators specialise in the location of faults in an accurate and timely matter.

Our locators are trained extensively to use a fault locator that puts a traceable signal into isolated circuit’s and pick it up with a frame which penetrates the ground or has two foam water dipped feet to identify faults under concrete and tiles.