subsurface utility investigation

State of the art service utility investigation

Abletech Underground Group conducts a thorough, subsurface utility investigation before construction and design to safely locate underground utility infrastructure. Using state-of-the-art service location equipment, we can interpret and communicate implications from plans to support or inform improvements to planned designs for works.

Topographical data

Abletech accurately position all underground utilities, anomalies and structures located by our accredited team. This allows for easy integration onto topographical survey data. We ensure all relative information such as; depths, utility type, size, material, direction of flow and configuration is presented with our deliverables.

Vacuum excavation

Our vacuum excavation potholing capabilities visually expose the underground utility and Abletech’s photographic pothole service recording provides a detailed report of each potholed utility with all relative information such as: type, material, depths, size and configuration in real time. We cover all areas in Queensland and New South Wales.

experienced locators

Abletech Underground’s team of experienced locators conduct work compliant with Australian Standard 5488 Subsurface Utility Information (SUI) and we work closely with our clients through any stage of design or construction from:

Vacuum excavation & Potholing

(Quality Level – A)

Utility detection and mapping

(Quality Level – B)

Topographical surveys

(Quality Level – C)

Desktop record searches

(Quality Level – D)

Experienced & capable team

Our experienced team can facilitate the management of subsurface utility investigations with administrative support in organising permits, traffic control, and scheduling other contractors if required.