jetting & drain maintenance

Hi velocity drain cleaning truck to help with jetting & drain maintenance

Pressure jetting and drain maintenance protocols are undertaken for optimal operation of critical municipal infrastructure for local governments, public bodies, private organizations such as utilities managers, road works and property developers.

Abletech Underground provides thorough maintenance, service and cleaning of drainage and sewer networks with our fleet of combination hi velocity drain cleaning trucks. Servicing  the Sunshine Coast, Chinchilla and Roma areas.

What we can do

High pressure water breaks up blockages followed by high-powered vacuum to extract the debris removing the material effectively from the location. The integrity of underground assets is retained with minimal disruption to vital services.

Our trucks are capable of cleaning debris and roots from pipelines ranging from 150 mm diameter to 1800 mm diameter. These units not only clean the silted pipes, they also remove debris from pits via the vacuum unit. With a powerful 1” Water jetting pump, pumping 333 l/min@ 170 bar and 180 m x 1” sewer hose, our high-pressure jet cleaning is sure to remove any blockages in the pipe.

Abletech Underground

Abletech Underground assess, manage and execute the project requirements with a high level of expertise founded on a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry. This means we understand how to employ the right equipment for the specific drain problem we’re there to resolve. Working collaboratively with our clients on preventative maintenance or on demand servicing, we ensure the project is completed on time and exceeds expectations every time.