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water trucks with Six times greater efficiency

Our water truck and water cart services provide effective dust management and control from construction or mining activities. This is an essential consideration for health, safety, environmental impact and compliance.

Abletech Underground water truck and water cart services reach the Sunshine Coast, Roma, Chinchilla, and surrounding areas.

key features

Delivering up to 6 times greater efficiency Abletech Underground Water Trucks assists with water cartage and water treatment to minimise the impact of dust disrupting ongoing site works for:

Our quality fleet of water trucks (13,000L) are fitted with:

Highly skilled & trained team

Managing safe water delivery and application on-site accurately with minimal wastage is a paramount consideration.  Our experienced team is highly skilled and trained with the knowledge to professionally operate equipment, adapt to site requirements and ensure the integrity of site safety and client satisfaction.

Advanced Wheeled Excavator Solutions

At Abletech Underground, we invest in advanced equipment to provide exceptional and tailored services. Our wheeled excavators excel in digging, lifting, and loading, making it ideal for excavation. Safety and precision are ensured through the excavator’s stability and balance along with the expertise of our highly trained operators.

Servicing a variety of industries, our wheeled excavator’s versatility and manoeuvrability allow it to achieve higher speeds and move swiftly between job sites. This advantage proves valuable for tasks requiring frequent relocation or operation within congested work sites. Its ability to be driven on public roads eliminates the need for additional transportation equipment, contributing to cost-efficiency by saving time and expenses during equipment relocation and set up.

Our commitment

Our commitment to environmentally sustainable practices is reflected in the wheeled excavator’s ability to exert less ground pressure resulting in reduced ground damage when compared to traditional tracked excavators.

Efficient Excavation

The wheeled excavator is a perfect addition to our fleet and your project by providing the efficient excavation services your project needs.