Water Truck/Cart

We provide water truck hire for projects on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and South East Queensland.

Getting the right water truck or cart with a great driver for your project can make all the difference. It is the little things that matter. Abletech have been operating throughout South East Queensland for over 38 years with a focus on providing an outstanding service which enables you to get on with the job at hand.    

Benefits of Using an Abletech Water Truck on Your Project

  • Brand new custom Australian made STG water truck with high capacity 13,000L tank
  • Flexible wet hire ensures best value
  • Unity water recycled water permit
  • Full operating hours 24/7
  • Extremely versatile water trucks (see The Gear We Use)
  • Backflow prevention equipment


How it Works

  On the surface it would seem nothing could be simpler than providing a water truck. It is much more than that!. A great project requires a 24/7 service that focuses on safety first, is flexible and understanding of the project’s multiple needs. This all starts by contacting us here. We can also be used in conjunction with our other services including vacuum excavation and cable location services.

The capabilities of our fleet include:

  • Dust suppression
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Landscaping
  • Street washing
  • Road barrier fills
  • construction vehicle washdown
  • sewer and pipe flushing
  • All things civil!

Who We Work With


From large civil projects and mining sites to property developments; we work with contractors, councils, mining companies, landscapers and earth movers.

Projects include road works, dust suppression, soil stabilization, landscaping, street washing construction vehicle washdown, sewer and pipe flushing and road barrier fills.

Where required we can also deliver wetting agents, liquid fertilizer for shrubs and additives for erosion control. No matter the size of your project, our team is here to make an important part of your project easy.

With our depot located conveniently on the Sunshine Coast, we service all areas in SE Queensland from Northern NSW, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gympie and up to Central Queensland.


The Gear We Use


  • 13,000L galvanised water tank
  • 3 rear sprays
  • 2 side batter sprays
  • 2 front road sprays
  • 2 gravity fed drop bars
  • Cannon
  • In cab controls
  • Self fill and over head fill
  • Full civil spec





Why choose wet hire over dry hire (for water trucks)?

Wet hire includes machinery and an operator, whilst dry hire provides the machinery only. In recent years modern water trucks have meant more efficient and precise delivery can be achieved by an operator familiar with equipment. Fixed contract costs can also help significantly in budgeting and ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.

How do the most modern water suppression systems help?

The latest water trucks and carts have in cab controls and multiple sprays. This equipment in the hands of an experienced operator means that water (and potentially suppression additives) can be sprayed efficiently and effectively.

Why is adequate dust suppression important?

Controlling dust from construction or mining activities is an essential part of health, safety and environmental compliance. Visibility, air quality and environmental impact are all greatly improved when dust is managed well. This in turn means projects and sites can be more productive, while people and the environment are protected.

Why use ABLEtech over another service?

  • Commitment to achieving zero harm
  • Commitment to quality and confidence in our practices
  • State of the art equipment
  • Cost effective practices