Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation also referred to as hydro excavation or non-destructive digging is fast becoming the preferred method of excavation in the civil construction, mining and infrastructure industries.

It significantly reduces the risk of damaging underground assets when compared to manual or mechanical digging methods.

Benefits of Using Vacuum Excavation on Your Project

  • Capable of working near and around water networks  telecommunications, power and gas lines etc.
  • The ability to remove spoil from dig zone to provide minimal destruction of site and a clean work area.
  • Fast, safe and efficient way to expose underground services which requires less manpower than traditional excavation methods.
  • Greatly reduces potential damage to underground  assets and interruption of vital services.

Importantly, Abletech has 37 years experience providing our clientele with right advice before you dig.

How it Works

Vacuum excavation safely breaks up the ground through the use of high-pressure water in combination with a high powered vacuum to suck up the debris into a holding tank for disposal.

This method of non-destructive digging (NDD) reduces the risk of damaging underground assets compared to manual or mechanical digging methods.

Additionally vacuum excavation can be used in combination with our underground location services and ground penetrating radar.

The capabilities of our fleet include:

  • Potholing (service location)
  • Tunnelling (under pathways, driveways, trees, walls)
  • Sump pumping and drill slurry removal
  • Trenching
  • Landscaping (planting or removing)
  • Confined digging
  • Bollard holes (traffic signage)
  • Roping conduit
  • Pier hole installation
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Tight space works where excavators cannot access

Who We Work With

From large civil construction projects to homeowners in their backyard, we work with engineers, surveyors, planners, trades, builders, civil construction companies, mining companies and individuals.

Additionally when used in combination with our location services and/or ground penetrating radar along with highly experienced personnel you know you’re getting the right advice before you dig.

We often work near and around water networks, telecommunications, power or gas lines.

However we also work in other situations including tunneling, trenching, landscaping, signage, roping conduit and even pressure cleaning.

We also have the capability to excavate in confined spaces with minimal risk and reduced potential damage caused to those services.

No matter the size of your project, our team can help you. With our depot located conveniently on the Sunshine Coast, we service all areas from Northern NSW, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Gympie and up to Central Queensland.

The Gear We Use

Our vacuum trucks are state of the art and equipped with the latest technology.

Featuring a 6 inch suction boom that is fully wireless controlled this enable us to complete your project quickly and efficiently – saving you time and money.

We have dual 3500 psi pressure washers which are fully adjustable to accommodate a lower PSI around certain assets.

Our trucks come equipped with extension hoses and all necessary equipment.

Our fleet is fitted out with the latest safety equipment for your site.


What is included on your trucks?

We don’t just send our highly qualified operators. As a standard all of our vacuum trucks are fitted with a wireless remote controlled suction boom, all safety equipment and PPE needed for your site.

Our trucks also come with 40m of suction hose as a minimum to get to those jobs when site access might be difficult. If more is needed let us know we have more hose kept at our depot.

Are you able to backfill the potholes?

Yes, we have a tipper that we utilize for back filling purposes.

How does a vacuum truck work?

Our vacuum trucks break up the ground through the use of high-pressure water in combination with a high powered vacuum to suck up the debris into a holding tank which then can be transported off site and can be emptied by opening the rear door and raising the tank as you would using a tip truck (tipper).


The 5 ‘P’ Process To Safe Excavation On Your Project



Ensure you have considered all underground utilities.



Collate all utility plans and conduct site investigation using a Abletech Underground DBYD Certified Locator.



Positively Identify underground utilities by potholing the area using our Vacuum Excavation methods.



Safety on site is a must for all civil works. Information provided by Electronic Locations & Potholing is an essential contribution to safe digging. Protect the infrastructure, Protect the onsite workers.



Proceed with construction after you have established the position of all underground utilities.