Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation or non-destructive digging (NDD) is fast becoming the preferred method of excavation in the civil construction, mining and infrastructure industries. It significantly reduces the risk of damaging underground assets when compared to manual or mechanical digging methods.

This is from safely breaking up the ground through the use of high-pressure water and using a high powered vacuum to suck up the debris into a holding tank. Our vacuum excavation services can be conducted near and around water networks, telecommunications, power or gas lines as well as have the capability to excavate in confined spaces with minimal risk and without any potential damage caused to those services.

Our vacuum trucks are state of the art and equipped with the latest equipment. Featuring 6 inch suction boom and are fully wireless controlled which greatly reduces the manual labour involved; with dual 3500 psi pressure washers, fully adjustable to accommodate a lower PSI around certain assets. The trucks are fitted out with the latest safety equipment for your site.

The capabilities of our fleet include:

  • Potholing (service location)
  • Tunnelling (under pathways, driveways, trees, walls)
  • Sump pumping and drill slurry removal
  • Trenching
  • Landscaping (planting or removing)
  • Bollard holes (traffic signage)
  • Roping conduit
  • High pressure cleaning

Abletech Underground Group locators are capable of interpreting plans and can accurately locate underground utilities, line of direction and depth. Our location services Combined with our vacuum excavation potholing capabilities ensure we are the most accurate underground service location company in the industry.

Abletech underground is dial before you dig (DBYD) and Telstra accredited. All work is carried out in accordance with AS5488-2013. Photo mapping can be provided at client’s request.

The 5 ‘P’ Process



Ensure you have considered all underground utilities.



Collate all utility plans and conduct site investigation using a Abletech Underground DBYD Certified Locator.



Positively Identify underground utilities by potholing the area using Vacuum Excavation.



Safety on site is a must for all civil works. Information provided by Electronic Locations & Potholing is an essential contribution to safe digging. Protect the infrastructure, Protect the onsite workers.



Proceed with construction after you have established the position of all underground utilities.