Location Services Pipe & Cable

All excavation and construction work has the potential to damage underground assets.

It is your duty of care to have an accredited locator identify all utilities and assets in the vicinity of any work site prior to the commencement of the project.

With 37 years of experience and using only using only fully accredited Telstra and Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) certified locators so you know the job is done thoroughly and you are getting the right advice before you dig.

No matter the size of your project, our team can help you.

With our depot located conveniently on the Sunshine Coast, we service all areas from Northern NSW, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Gympie and up to Central Queensland.

Who We Work With

Whether you are a private home owner or a major construction company our underground service location team can help you locate the location, depth and direction of the underground assets on your work site including water, gas, telecommunications, sewer and underground power.

Our equipment enables us to locate pretty much every pipe or cable imaginable.

Our service location vehicles are fully equipped with the most up to date location devices such as:

  • Ground penetrating radar
  • Electronic marker locator
  • Ferrous magnetic locator
  • Metal detector
  • GPO signal generator
  • Sonde on push rod
  • 4.5 meter camera for small drainage jobs
  • Variety of tools- eg: shovels, pit keys, barricades ETC

Possibly More Importantly

Abletech Underground Group locators are capable of interpreting plans and can accurately locate underground utilities, line of direction and depth.

Our location services combined with our vacuum excavation potholing capabilities ensure we are the most accurate underground service location company on the sunshine coast and surrounding areas.

Abletech underground Group is dial before you dig (DBYD) and Telstra accredited.

All work is carried out in accordance with AS5488-2013. Photo mapping can be provided at client’s request.


Do I need electronic locations before I begin digging?

Yes. If you excavate without using a certified DBYD and any form of damage occurs to an underground asset, you will be held liable for costs and damages. It is your legal obligation to use a DBYD (dial before you dig) certified locater prior to commencement of excavation.

What is Dial Before You Dig (DBYD)?

Electricity and other essential services such as Water, Sewer and Gas etc. Are often provided through underground networks. Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) is a free national community service aimed at preventing, damage and disruption to Australia’s complex pipe and cable networks.

DBYD is a single point of contact that will supply you with the documentation or plans of underground assets in the area requested from utility suppliers.

How Accurate are Dial Before You Dig Plans?

The plans provided from Dial Before You Dig only indicate the presence of underground assets within the vicinity of the work area that has been requested and do not give an exact location. Following the Five Ps of Safe Excavation can ensure the right steps are taken to prevent damage to the underground infrastructure and the safety of yourself and workers. Click here – to see our 5 P’s to safe excavation.

How accurate are electronic locations?

Electronic detection of underground services is extremely accurate. Electronic location is classed as Quality B level in the classification of a subsurface utility AS 5488 – 2013.

To achieve Quality A level, electronic locations are required to be potholed via vacuum excavation or hand so the underground services are visually confirmed.